AI generated painting exploring possible futures in and around water as part of the Climate Imaginaries at Sea Program. Credits: Visual Methodologies Collective (prompt), KaliYuga (Model).

Festival Program 2024

The Climate Imaginaries at Sea coalition is excited to invite you to our upcoming festival in Amsterdam, a week-long exploration of artistic and participatory research practices, workshops, presentations, and more. Join us for a multi-dimensional experience featuring not only an inspiring exhibition at Bradwolff Projects but also a series of engaging events across the city.

Unimaginable: Clarion Calls from Rising Seas Exhibition at Bradwolff Projects – April 19th – April 25th 

Explore the thought-provoking works of seven artists whose research addresses the key questions:

How can artists create connections to indigenous and global South climate knowledges?
What impact do rising sea levels have on housing, clothing, and soil through material artistic research?
How can interspecies imaginaries reshape our relationship with rising seas?

Featured Artists: Müge Yilmaz, Carlo de Gaetano, Janine Armin, Femke Dekker, Joy Brandsma, Dorothy Blokland, and Mikki Stelder. 

Studio Encounters on Water #2 at Perdu Theatre – April 23rd 

Engage with the artists and their creative processes at our Open Studio on April 23rd. Witness live demonstrations, discussions, and behind-the-scenes insights into their research and artistic practices. 

Artistic Research Sessions at Vox Pop – April 22nd – April 25th 

Vox Pop becomes a hub of activity with workshops and additional presentations are taking place. Join us for hands-on experiences and enlightening discussions, contributing to the diverse tapestry of the festival.